Beaches of St. Barts

Free Beaches

St. Barts has 17 white sand beaches. All are public and free, so choosing one is a matter of taste.

Serious sunbathers trek to Saline Beach, a huge and spectacular cove unmarred by hotels or villas. To get there, drive to the island’s southern coast, park beside a salt pond and ramble over a sand dune — those are anole lizards scurrying out of the way. This uncrowded beach is flanked by green bluffs that slope gently into the calm, pool-blue waters. Straight couples tend to go to the left, while gays tend to go right. Nudists, meanwhile, go wherever they wish.

Also undeveloped is Gouverneur Beach, a smaller strand just to the east of Saline. It is hemmed by rocky cliffs that are home to wild goats, and there’s great snorkeling along the western edge.

Of the beaches on the island’s developed coasts, Flamands Beach is hands down the most beautiful. Dotted with red-roofed bungalows and a few hotels, this expansive beach on the northwest shore is shaded by palm trees and has strong surf for body-boarding.

The Beaches on St Barts are always Breath Taking…

How often are you truly speechless? As you step onto the white sand and take in the vistas
of the beaches on St. Barts, you can’t believe what you are seeing; it’s perfection. Hard to believe, but dreams do come true.

What impresses us most is how clean the beaches always are. The waters are clear turquoise and the sand is bright white.
Best of all the beaches are never crowded. Except for the sounds of the water, they are always quiet.

Saline is breathtaking, as is Gouverneur, with an easier access. The sand at St. Jean is like talc. The sunset at Shell Beach is unforgettable. Keep Colombier a secret; you can only reach it by boat or a foot path through butterfly fields and a cave.

St. Bart – Columbier Beach

This long and sandy beach nestles in a calm bay that may be reached either by sea or along two picturesque paths that are worth the walk (they leave from the end of Flamands beach). The view is beautiful in this relaxing beach and the water is clear.

St. Bart – Flamands Beach

A long and wonderful white-sand beach. Beware of
strong waves when the sea gets rough. It is surrounded by hotels and is an ideal place for lounging or going for a pleasant walk.

St. Bart – Gouverneur Beach

While admiring a splendid panoramic view, you will come down to gold Gouverneur Beach which is simple, as well as beautiful. Waves are often strong but the scenery is unique.

St. Bart – Grand Cul de Sac Beach

This is a dream place for practicing water sports. Several
relaxing restaurants are scattered around the lagoon.  The sea is usually still and inviting.

St. Bart – St. Jean Beach

Near the airport, this large gold sand beach is lined by hotels and restaurants.
It is often windy and the place is therefore a favorite spot for windsurfers.
Beyond Eden Rock the beach becomes shorter but it is equally beautiful. Coral reefs protect it from heavy swells.

St. Bart – Lorient Beach

 To the West the strong waves are quite appreciated by
surfers. A beautiful sandy beach that makes you feel like going for a stroll.

St. Bart – Saline Beach

Access to the beach is along a narrow path. Parts of this
spectacular beach are “clothing optional”. Saline is probably the longest and most beautiful white-sand beach in St. Barts.

St. Bart – Shell Beach

Beautiful rocks surround it’s calm waters and the beach is lulled by the island breeze.
Towards the south end of the town, the whole beach is covered with seashells.